Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I grew up on the shore of the Saint John river. The river was the backdrop for everything that happened in my life. It was the place I used to go to when I needed to think, pray and cry. I made clay pots there, slept by a fire there, nursed babies there, brought special people there...I think I even broke up with a boy there. Peaceful and open, it made it easier for me to commune with God. What a great place for a kid to be. When I grew up and moved away, I missed the beach. Now, I have been brought back to the same river to live with my family. Again, I have run to the river in order to get myself together and "take a time out" with God. Nature has a way of visually calming me and blocking out the world in order to focus on who really matters. Oh, if that river could talk! I'm glad it can't...too much has been said. If it could talk, maybe it could tell me where that silver ring is that I dropped in it when I was 9.

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