Thursday, December 17, 2009

One of the most entertaining things to do is to sit with my afternoon coffee and attentively watch my little kids play. Listen carefully to what they are talking about and ask questions about it. Yesterday, they had a friend over to play...some spy, treasure hunting game which involved LOTS of paper with written clues on them, tape and homemade booby traps set everywhere around the house (the one at the bottom of the stairs almost killed me). Apparently, a top secret password was necessary to open my 8 year old science guy's treasure box. After several brilliant guesses on my part, I gave up and asked for the privileged information. With a Nobel Prize winning look on his face, he whispered in my ear "constipated". Not exactly a glamorous, James Bond choice, but it certainly gave me the joy of parenting that I needed to get through the cookie making session we were about to embark on. Take time to stop and smell the roses...or whatever scent your little ragamuffins provide you with :)

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merriam said...

Beautiful spot, Holly. What an artist! And you say I should write!!! You've got it nailed.