Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Athletic or sporty is rarely an adjective attached to my name. I do however, enjoy the thrill of victory on any front and we have only three TV channels for those moments of mental & physical paralysis just before drifting off to sleep. The Olympics could not have been happening at a better time...while my kids are sick. I seem to be drawn to any of the "who is the fastest" events (must be those Hanson genes kicking in), and just can't get my head around other events so called a sport. Bobsled, luge, skeleton and curling befuddle me. I further can't understand the need for the first three...all variations of the same thing. Sure, hop on something and slide down a twisted, icy slide faster than the speed of light and see who does it the fastest. I get that...I did that as a kid somehow I'm sure, but why 3 ways?? Face first, face last and in a vehicle with 1 or 2 other people who just push, jump in and hide their face till its over. Call me ignorant, but I just don't get it.

I have found a redeemable purpose for curling...a game (I can't seem to call it a sport at this time). I subconsciously collected a bunch of V8 juice bottlecaps of different colors. The kids chose a knot on our wood floor as the target. They strategically slide the cap across the floor to see whose lands closest to the knot. One point for being the closest, one point for a bulls eye and SO much fun knocking the other guy out of the park. Pretty cool, I think. Thanks curling...hours of fun at a low, low price!

I must say, I have been enjoying these Olympic games more than most years. I guess I'm slowly being transformed by these raving competitive spirits around me. Not to worry though, the teacher in me still found a way to turn the event into an educational class. World flags and geography class is tomorrow!!

Go Canada!!!!!!!!

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