Monday, June 7, 2010

Everyone believes in something. Everyone has to have faith to believe it. Even science is not able to provide 100% certainty. That's the way we were need something or someone, in particular. Having an education in psychology, I understand why that field of study exists. It exists because people are full of guilt, depression and hopelessness, and everyone else wants to help them (and themselves, when their turn comes). The problem is however, psychology fails to address the real issue and therefore can only provide a band aid to the pathology. In fact, just as antibiotics help for the moment but overuse is harmful, so it is with psychology. The root of the problem is not accepted therefore never dealt with and the problems grow.

People don't want to be blamed, they want to be's just easier to live with, or so we think. It's seems easier to live in the realm of uncertainty then to accept truth by faith, because accepting truth means we must then conform to some set of standards and lose freedom to believe whatever we want. What about the freedom of certainty? Freedom of having someone in your life who you can depend on no matter what? If we have that kind of faith in a human being in our lives, why is it so hard to have that kind of faith in an all powerful, sovereign, ever loving God?

We are bent on believing that we humans are the "be all and end all" of existence. When the chips are down and we are face to face with our limitations though, that is our opportunity to see the way things really are and to find answers. THERE ARE ANSWERS. This clip from the TV show "ER" says it all. In the end, the chaplain has no answers for the patient and is helpless to give comfort to him. She can't do her job because in her belief system of uncertainty, there are no answers. That may sit fine with you in the day to day, but it won't be sufficient when trouble comes knockin'.

Don't think that everything labeled "Christian Counseling" is safe. Psychology with few scriptures thrown in and an opening prayer may do more harm then good. We need Biblical counseling in the purest sense...and it is available.

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