Saturday, September 11, 2010

Earth Tones Make Me Happy :)

With school starting and the garden demanding my attention, blogging hasn't been high on the priority list. Got the writing bug again, so here we go...

If I were a Star Trek character, I'd be Deanna Troy. Not because of her beautiful, long curly hair, or her shortness, or the load of makeup on her empathic face, but because of her hyper sensitivity to all stimulus around her. All five of my senses seem to be turned up to "Max" most of the time. I'm very effected by my surroundings. Emotional reactions flow from every bit of input, whether good or bad, the mental/spiritual side of me must be on constant guard...not to let my senses rule me.

I was walking through Winners the other day, killing some time (imagine that) and found myself engulfed in an epicurean dream. I slowly run my hand over every textured pillow, my eyes over the colorful writing paper and sharp dishes and my nose over every candle and pot pourri I met. As I was trying to find the source of one particular scent, I said "What is it that smells so good around here??" to my daughter. A tall, non-Winners type man, with bored hands in pockets came around the corner and responded confidently"It's just me." His wife rolled her eyes playfully and I, after my surprised laugh said "That was my second guess." I left the store feeling refreshed and positive. As long as I don't focus on the fact that I can't take all of these things home with me, the visit is a good experience.

Our house's interior was painted entirely white when we moved in, 15 years ago. After a few years, I was visually starving and medics called for resuscitation. A coat of brick red in the kitchen, moss green in the living room and earthy brown in the bathroom revived my soul. Beautiful paintings, natural wood furniture and lots of window light help Mom stay smiling. Keeping the kitty litter box clean, baking bread and opening windows for fresh air are regular, necessary jobs. Music MUST be played often and selectively. My sweet husband bought me an awesome speaker set for my computer to enhance my frequent, impromptu dance sessions while cooking in the kitchen and schooling in the living room. Again, Maximum is a great volume setting for "Viva La Vida".

I am presently soaking up the crisp September air and the beginnings of one of the most amazing color shows in the world...maritime trees in Fall. Patiently waiting for the first crackles of the fireplace and the first cuddles with my cozy sweaters. Today, we pile's gonna smell fantastic! Everything about Fall says cozy, homey and earthy. That is one of the things I love most about where we live, the change of seasons. Each one has it's own beauty and pleasure from the finest creator of all. I immerse myself in each one and anticipate the next. I love the senses seem to need the change. They dull with prolonged sameness. Isn't that just so totally human and fallen? We always bore of every pleasure eventually. That's why God is the only constant that always satisfies...but that is an entirely other blog.

I think solitary confinement would be by far, the most effective discipline for me...not that I expect that to be necessary... just saying. I would go quickly insane, I'm sure, to have my senses deprived for more than a day. At least other forms of corporal punishment would keep my senses alive, or send me into a delirious mental state with other new things to experience. I figure, I've endured childbirth and kidney stones, so I sort of have a superhero suit on all the time.

Realizing that these pleasures are not necessary and that MANY people live without them, I am truly thankful for everything around me. Noticing the little things, loving what you have and embracing God's goodness are all part of His plan for our joy.

Genesis 1:31
"God saw everything He had made, and indeed, it was very good."

Now, I have to get off of this computer because the loud hum of the fan is DRIVING ME CRAZY! See what I mean? :)


Emily said...

Although I don't think I'm quite as heightened as you are - I rarely notice smells unless pregnant - I can somewhat empathize. Trying to talk to you this afternoon with the TV on in between us was short circuiting my brain.
As for white walls... ugh. I LIVE for the day when we can paint.
Also: I think it's affected, not effected. Effect is a noun, as in "that experience had a good effect," affect is a verb, as in "that experience affected me in a good way."
What would you do without me?

Holly said...

I would be a grammarical nightmare ;)