Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

So, I survived the dreaded crossing over...from 39, to that other decade. It was really no big deal for me from the beginning, especially when your husband in 6 1/2 years older than you are. That kind of makes you feel forever young. It was a lovely weekend of well wishes, pampering and gifts. Very thoughtful and appreciated gifts. It's not that I like people spending money on me or that I am terribly materialistic, it's just that they were such nice, "feel good" kind of things. I was reminded of how important sisters and moms are.

I grew up in a household of three girls, with a very lovely, feminine, stylish, mom. She always appreciated and enjoyed simple and beautiful things...like flowers, gardens, modest jewelry, homemade bread, hand sewn dresses and classical music. We didn't have hoards and hoards of money, but my mom could make the simplest thing look like a million dollars, and my dad's love and provision for her made us all FEEL like a million dollars. We were very rich in that sense. The three daughters learned to love beautiful and simple things. That's part of being a woman, I think. Allow me to generalize a bit...

I have three sons. Daily, I see rusting bikes and various weaponry...I smell well used hockey gear...I feel bread crumbs under my feet at meals and whiskery kisses... and I hear the sound of battle cries, sword fights and armpit farts, like an Old Spice symphony. Sometimes I forget what beautiful things feel like. Then...I get presents from my sisters and Mom.

A beautiful stone necklace, a pine scented candle, African coffee, gorgeous wine colored flowers, green apple skin cream, chocolate covered dried cherries!!!! I have died and gone to an epicurean heaven!!!!! I remember! I remember that I am female and I LOVE beautiful things! I was drowning in the sea of Jock Boyness and I have been thrown the floral printed lifeline. What a breath of fresh air...literally. I have been basking in these pleasantries for days now and intend on not neglecting my inclinations toward these treasured things ever again. I think my boys kinda like them too, surprisingly. I've heard nice comments about the flowers and they especially appreciate the apple face cream...I've been getting more kisses lately :)

I do have a young daughter who is pink, sparkly and high heeled in full force. She will be my ally and fellow shopper for years to come, I am sure. God knew that I would need reinforcements.

I've been immersed in a girls' world as a child and then transferred to a boys' world as an adult. The temperature change is a bit of a shock, but what a great experience. I love them both and cherish each person who enriches them. I have to say though, those little gifts from "my girls" made my wonderful life even better...things smell and look better, and you have no idea how important that can be on those days of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails.

Thank you...from my heart...T, J and Mom.

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