Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jots and Tittles

It's difficult to write when there are so many thoughts going through your head at once. Sometimes it's easier, and safer, to not write. A fool says everything that is in her heart. Once the thoughts are calmed and the intentions of the heart are discerned, then God can lead the pen. The Bible instructs to let every word be for edifying and building up, not for tearing down, so careful jots and tittles are necessary. I am so grateful that God is refining my heart and saving me from myself everyday. Rescuing me from certain shame and causing damage to the souls of others. This explains great gaps of time between blog posts. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and enjoy the pure white paper.

The last couple of weeks have been really enjoyable with school events, garden planting and GORGEOUS weather!! I love to do laundry in the Summer. I hang the clothes on the line very slowly, taking in every ray, breeze and bird chirp. 

My hammock and mountain view give me a reprieve from the days requirements. Stealing a few moments in this peaceful prayer place is an allowable offense.

New summer reading (with kids and without) provide cheap and hassle free vacations to amazing places and people. We are enjoying our first Lamplighter book, "The White Gypsy"...very pleased. 

The berries are starting!! Another small blessing to focus on is the sweet, juicy little bundle of freshness that only summer can provide. I have an unhealthy aversion to the slimy frozen then thawed strawberry. Nasty critters...good only for the blender.
When the ragamuffins come in at the end of the day, with tree pitch in their hair, dirt on their feet and stories of adventure, I embrace the scent. Cuddling them very close, I smell their sun-kissed cheeks, stroke their wind blown hair and listen (not so closely) to their tales. Hugging them like a cherished Teddy Bear has come to life.
Jumping into my world of color also brings joy. I thank God everyday for the opportunity to create.
 At the end of the day, I get to cuddle with my best friend in the whole world...and eat popcorn...with butter. It's the simple things I reference to the popcorn, not my husband :)

When the big things in life are too overwhelming to ponder and bring "junk feelings", it's the little things that need attention. Get the microscope out and ponder the wonder of the joyful details of life. Don't overlook the regular. Take a closer look and stay awhile.

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