Saturday, December 15, 2012

Prayer for Newton

It doesn't matter where in the world it happens or whether or not you know the person, you feel the pain of someone losing a child. You can especially feel it when it is a violent circumstance and the limitations of your protection are apparent. The vulnerability of the precious little souls under your care and you own heart is painfully obvious. God has connected humanity in such a way so that we can hold one another up in prayer and, for those able, in service. 

I read all kinds of comments regarding the Connecticut school shooting referring to the depth of evil that has occurred and the heartfelt sympathies expressed. It seems that words are not near enough to ease the victims' pain...which we all want to do. 

My limited imagination seems to conclude that all of the worlds' hugs and well wishes would never satisfy the torment I would be experiencing at a time like would help, but never satisfy. It seems to me that a big dose of supernatural hope and miracle of the heart is in order. Christmas is all about Jesus coming to save the world. Well, I know a little corner of the world that could use a little saving today...Newtown, Connecticut. 

For those who look to God in anger, looking for an explanation, He went through it himself. His own son experienced the pure evil of humanity unleashed on His own precious son, once upon a time. For reasons maybe not completely clear to you now, this allowance is necessary. Believing that God's intentions, plan and provision are all good, all the time, is the key to peace...peace on Earth and in your own heart. I personally find the existence of a good God much easier to believe in than good people. The Bible clearly emphasizes the unwavering, tender love of God toward little children. You can be sure, all of those beautiful little ones lost to us yesterday are sitting on the knees of Jesus, enjoying eternal protection and love from the maker of their souls.

All I can do is continue a prayer of God's comfort upon these people. A prayer of revelation for their minds. That somehow, God would reveal His good plan for their lives and fill them with unbelievable hope. That they may see the reality of reunion with their lost loved ones and eternal fellowship with Jesus. 
If my prayers will stretch a bit to the length of Jesus mercy and grace, I will pray for those who are responsible for this kind of evil. People who do these kinds of things must be tormented in some way too. They were once someone's precious baby. Even though it is too late for this perpetrator, there are many out there in desperate need of Jesus forgiveness and transforming power. Not one psychologist, not one medicine and not one power of man can touch this kind of evil heart...only Jesus. One breath of His holiness holds the power to change this kind of heart. His love is irresistible and His power causes demons to flee. 

His holy breath can change an evil heart and hold together one falling apart from pain at the same time. 
Only Jesus...can make Christmas Merry.

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