Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Souls and Earrings

About the earrings.

My sister Tracy gave them to me as a graduation gift a very long time ago. They were my favorite. I'm no good with remembering numbers and can tend to exaggerate or embellish stories, because that is how they narrate in my head, BUT it has been close to 20 years that one of them has been missing. Tempted to toss the one I had, I just couldn't do it. So glad I didn't. 

Last Sunday morning, as I was looking for some other thing that I misplaced, it just showed up. It was just...there. Not behind a piece of furniture or stuck in a sweater...just there...in my jewelry stash. I know I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but how could I have missed this thing for almost 2 decades...right there in front of me? Maybe I had been foolish and sloppy in my search? For SO long though? Or maybe the Bling Fairy graced me with it in the still of the night? I dunno.

Not a complicated story, but one with spiritual implications. Twice this week I've read similar stories in my devotions and other things about "lost and precious" treasures being found. Sometimes I feel like things are lost forever, that life is just tough and I need to move on. When situations look hopeless, remember things aren't always the way they look. God sees, knows and controls everything. He hears the prayers of his own children and will do right by all of us. If it is good that we find what has been lost, then we will...in His time.

Keep asking.
Keep seeking
Keep trusting

Sometimes I am sloppy and foolish in my Bible study and prayer life. Just not really believing. Like playing Hide and Seek with toddlers...just go through the motions, act surprised and put in the time until the promised episode is over. If I truly believe in the power of God to find the lost and heal the broken, would I play with more heart? I think so. 

These little gems have reminded me of this truth and I have revisited my prayer lists. I will not give up on requests of the heart. 

I have 4 more missing earrings. No kidding. 

Recycled paper ones from my sister-in-law.
Silver rectangles from sister Jill when she lived in Vancouver.
"mandolin" ones from sister Jill's trip to Antigua.
Cheap but cute round pair from Wal Mart.

You can bet that these babies aren't goin' anywhere soon.

What is it with my sisters and lost earrings?????

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