Friday, April 12, 2013

A World Without Buscuits


Probably the most important place on the planet. 
Images of open verandas, trampolines, neat flower beds and a "room of their own" for every family member comes to mind...but not to reality. Home is a place not a theater stage or a store display window. A good home does not come easily and needs constant care.If left unattended, it will get up and run away on you. The people that live in the building are the home. The souls that rest, eat, work and learn there are the home. It should be a place or nourishment, education and safety. Every world leader, artist, scientist, preacher and Nobel Peace Prize winner had one. If not kept properly, it will produce bad fruit and will run away to join the circus.

I don't like politics, but we are all political to some degree and have opinions. When Hon. Keith Ashfield made the "Good Wife" comment recently, regarding his compliment to a young woman for her baking, these opinions started to fly...including mine. He said that she would someday make a good wife because of her culinary talents. She wasn't offended and neither was I. We "homemakers" aren't usually invited to share our expertise in the media, regarding issues of this kind, so we meekly carry on, holding up societal integrity by the laundry line. I'm not bragging about myself, I'm bragging about the job.

They say that homemaking is SO important and SO vital, but when push comes to shove, society refers to our nourishing as a wasted life. Those were the words of deputy NDP leader Megan Leslie:

“Look, his comments were disrespectful. Come on. Grace, you're a great cook? You're going to make a wonderful wife for somebody? In other words: there, there, stop planning for your future.”

It hit me hard. Even another woman. I planned to be a wife and mother...full time.

Me:  "I planned to give my husband and children the very best of myself, my talents and my time. Opening a restaurant to use my culinary skills never crossed my mind or heart! Forgive me, but I long to feed my family. I long to faithfully believe that behind every good man and woman is a totally sold out Mom, spending every ounce of energy on that short time with her children and that grace of life called marriage."

  Political Analyst Lisa Kirbie:  “In what universe is it acceptable to tell a young woman that she is going to make someone a great wife one day?”

Me:   "My universe...and I am Canadian. It is not only acceptable, but an honor."

  Megan Leslie:   “Wow, leave it to the Conservatives to encourage young women to get married as part of their economic action plan,”

Me:    "My kids have been running a small business since the age of about 6, making money and providing for the community. They couldn't have done that if I hadn't planned to get married, have kids and be HOME for them. My husband makes the money and I make it happen...unashamed. I believe that small business makes the economy go ''re welcome...just doing my small part."

Please tell me you don't think being a wife can be reduced to biscuit making???

*Quotes taken from Huffington Post Canada, by Ryan Maloney,

I'm not trying to mock these successful women, I'm simply using the costly freedom and technological opportunity to stand up and speak my heart. I think it might do some good for the modern woman to realize that we don't all agree on this issue. On what "success" wears...a power suit or an apron?  I don't even wear aprons, but you get the picture. This little blog is my cyber corner of the techno-world where I can express my heart, where others might stumble and see who else lives in this great land.

I may have been able to become a Wendy Mesley, a Glenn Close or a Marie Curie, but I CHOSE not to try. I PLANNED to cook, laundry, clean, teach and love. Who knows what God might do with those efforts. It doesn't matter though. We all have the freedom to make that choice and we shouldn't be "offended" by another's choice. I'm not offended by the power suits. It's just not that important to me. Why should I offend you? Unless you think full-time love, service and sacrifice is NOT important? I think that's it. I think service sacrifice and even marriage are dirty words these days. All the melodic slide-show presentations highlighting the "small and humble" things of life are just a token applause. What is REALLY important today is being on the winning team, personal gratification and self-love.

The media does not represent our country's women well...but we are too busy forging and supporting heroes to do anything about it. 

 Enough about my thoughts...I've got to go feed the most incredible 5 people I know :)
I planned to do this...and it's an honor.

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