Thursday, July 18, 2013

Supernatural Hobo


"To find yourself, you've got to start right here."
 A line from a Keith Green song. 
Wandering minds and dreamy intentions can get lost and off-line from life. Why do we think that we have to go somewhere else or do something different in order to discover and arrive at the place we need to be? Circumstances and locations are not the cure to our maladies. Our problems are within us. We take them wherever we go, whatever we are doing, they are still there. As my Mother-in-law always says, "You can't run away from your personality". Nor can you run away from your problems. They go with you because they are problems within you, not dependent on the external person or situation. We let them be problems...when they don't really have to be. 

The key is to figure out how to take away their power and hold on you. I don't know exactly how to do that yet, so there won't be a perfect remedy in this scribbling...only a direction pointing. How do I distance myself, not from the people I love or my situation, but from their hold on the health of my soul? Finding my total wellness in Christ alone and free from the grip of earthly dependence. 
"You say you want to find a place where people are not lying.
If you find a place like that I'll go there too."
Another line in the song.
There is no such place...not here...not yet. So the writer is directing us to start right where we are. Wherever that is. In a beautiful mansion, a jail cell, a hospital bed, a high rise office, a suburban split-level or a dessert caravan. It doesn't matter who you find yourself yolked to in some way. A spouse, a business partner or a difficult child. It does not matter where you are or what you are doing, the treasure, the answer, the cure is in your soul. In your relationship with Jesus...or lack thereof. When He becomes so real and practical to my everyday, I become free from the problems. When I hear His words loud and clear, see His direction and experience the joy His presence, I become free. His love, power and beauty distract me from those stresses in my physical world. I live supernaturally.
Start in the morning. Drink deep in the morning. it's no where else but in His Word. Not in Yoga, not in exercise, not in healthy food, not in music and not in any other reading. Some of these can enhance the antidote, but can never replace. It is a potent Word. Without it, we just band-aid everything. Start here. Open the Word before anything else. Let Him speak to your bruised and bleeding soul. Let Him direct you and comfort you like only the Perfect can.

I love people. I love accomplishments and living life to the fullest. But I can't love these things more than Jesus. My fear is not that zeal for these things will diminish, but that they will become my god. That I will need them to be "just so" for my'll never happen. They need to take a back seat to the Jesus and me relationship. It's the only thing I can control and has no boundaries. I can take it anywhere into any situation and have the joy at my asking. Freedom. The grass in not greener on the other side. More green can't fix you or your problems. More green is only good for vitamins and paying the bills...both of which offer temporary, surface help. Go for the eternal.

I have run to the end of the highway and not found what I've been looking for. To find yourself, you have to lose yourself...right where you are. The world will tell you the is it doing? I happen to be listening to the theme song for the show LOST as I write...Life and Death. The show quite reflects our battle over truth, life and death. The one thing I might agree with concerning the show...besides the fact that Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway are beautiful that you have to get lost to find the truth. Lose yourself for Him. Free fall into Jesus. Right where you whatever situation you might be in. Let Him free you in a stationary vacation. The only luggage you'll need is prayer and the Word of God.

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