Monday, September 16, 2013

Heckels and Handshakes

I heard a great song the other day. It spoke of being brave and saying what you want to say. Experiencing the freedom of letting the words fall out that have been kept inside for so long. It's really a great song...great dance tune too and I agree completely that we all  should be able to do that, but I'm afraid we can't. We can't experience the pleasure of freedom that is supposed to follow, I mean. With a blog and facebook, I  exercise my freedom of speech regularly. Most of the time my words are met with tolerance and even encouragement, but a few times they have not. I thought cyberpeople understood that sometimes you will not agree with what you read, and yet they still react surprised, miffed and ready to take censorship action. I myself get miffed at things I read, and once in a blue moon, write a challenging response...AFTER I have calmed my emotions and chosen kind words. 

In no way, do I expect people of opposing viewpoints or even people who post "inappropriate" pictures to remove them for my sake. I just "turn the channel", stop associating with that website or block the information from my eyes in some way...flee. Isn't that what the Bible instructs us to do? Yes, the Bible. If that is offensive, then may I suggest you delete my blog from your bookmarks, because you will read a lot about it here. The principle of God's Word are offensive to more people than I expected. Removing things from our sight that may get in the way of our pursuit of purity and Christlikeness is somehow seen as a bad thing. When did a movement toward goodness and purity become so hated?
 It's not that I think I am better than others, it's just that I want to become better than I have been. It's not that I think my kids are perfect, it's just that I believe they can be much more than the world thinks they can be. We are not animals that respond to hormones and desires with abandon and helplessness. We are souls with the potential for great self discipline, moral excellence and independent thinking. It's ironic that Christians are accused of letting "religion" control their thinking, but so called atheists or non-institutional types are completely unaware of the invisible grasp humanism has on their thinking. Everyone worships something. Everyone has a god or is their own god. The over-confidence of the latter always baffles me.

History should remind us that speaking out, although ideal, can bring much hardship. Be prepared for tomatoes and heckles as well as hearty handshakes. I'm thankful that we don't live in an age of sticks and stones because name calling is easier to take...although the tide may be turning. Be encouraged. When given the opportunity, express yourself with respect and love. Never look for a fight, run from worthless babble and prayerfully post inspiring thoughts. Continue holding a high moral bar for your kids, reminding them that less clothing, self-worship and careless expression don't mean more freedom. Thinking of what is helpful for others first, then yourself makes for people of character and free souls.

I still like the song. Praying that I can be that brave someday. And then again, as a person with SO much desire to express herself, I think maybe it takes more courage to NOT speak sometimes. Praying that my world will appreciate EVERYONE'S opinion and stop hating Jesus, His teachings and His disciples so much. How did goodness become so bad?

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