Saturday, January 11, 2014

D is for the Vitamin, Doors and Do Something

Most people dread January. The let down from Christmas is tough, the weather is controlling and the sun is strictly rationed...the Christmas bills hang over us in it's place.The flu makes it's grand entrance and restricts our social interaction. We forget that Spring, Summer and Fall exist and will return.

Tough month. 

There is a Bible verse for January:
 "Making the most of your time, because the days are evil." Ephesians 5:16

January. Evil days :) How do we make the most of them? 

I have come to appreciate this month as a month of rest. If bad roads, little money and the flu are going to make me house bound, then take the forced break. There are so many things the busy months restrict me from doing. January is the time to do them. Seize the month! There is plenty of snow for snowshoeing, plenty of time to think about and re-organize my school year and many nooks and crannies that call for cleaning. Soup and chowder recipes waiting to be tried and movies and books I've wanted to cuddle with the kids and experience. That sewing machine has been waiting to be discovered. Blank white canvases crying for color. Fill the house with music and do something different. Make January special because it is a gift from God. Don't join the ranks in complaints and grumblings about when we are. As my Dad always says, "We are here because we are here." Profound in a simple way. 

There are things we can do to help ourselves...that we don't...because we like to be miserable. And things we should stop doing...that we don't...because we like to be miserable. I have made a checklist. A deeply profound, researched and revolutionary list. Never before heard of.
play music
don't eat junk food
get up early
don't stay up late
keep your mind busy learning
get outside often...even if it's nasty out
take vitamin D
help someone other than yourself
read your Bible...every day...a couple of times

Ok, you may have heard of these things before, but sometimes we forget and need a little reminder. The word "January" comes from the Greek god Janus and is a Latin word meaning "doorway". Doors are meant to be opened and entered through, discovering something on the other side. Make your own list of specific things you can discover, accomplish and enjoy this winter, because yours may have things like study math, read Shakespeare, build a ship-in-a-bottle or go vegan...things I would never dream of doing by choice.

You don't have to go out or spend money to enjoy life. Remember where and when you are and who gave you grateful and do something wonderful with it.

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