Thursday, August 11, 2016

First Conversation of the Day

Just me in the early dark, in my hammock, solar lights, Bible, dog, whatever that black critter was racing across the field and my pretty mug of coffee.

Starting this day with new hope and peace. Escaping the monotony of routine, even in my time with the Lord, is so important.Your time with God should be much like your coffee break with your spouse or other best friend. Something to look forward to, something different every time and something you categorize as a "need"...part of that popular "me time" that is all the rage lately.

Go to the Bible like listening in a conversation, rather than hearing a lecture and taking notes. Pause and think about what you just read. What are you saying to me God? Don't let me overlook it because I don't yet understand. Pause and interject your thoughts to Him, as you would with a "real live" person. It is a conversation, isn't it? Meditate on one verse that jumps out at you...all day long. Go back to it mid day and then again in the evening. Wait for it to really sink in. Regard what He has said as non-negotiable truth that you are on a quest to make part of your life. 

Go to prayer like speaking in a conversation, rather than a checklist or chant. Find a private place and pray out-loud...or out-whisper. Say what is on your mind. Talk to Him about what is bothering you lately, who you are concerned about at that moment, praise and thank Him for what just happened yesterday. Laugh with Him about the funny little things only He would understand and you wouldn't want anyone else to know. Tell Him how you love Him and want to trust Him more. Cry if you need to. Be quiet if you need to. Know that He is God and is there with you.

There is no therapist so wise, no friend so faithful, no mate so intimate and no help so powerful.
It's not mystical or sensory.
It's just real and spiritual.

It took many years of trying to find this joy. Many dry, obligatory, token times with God before I finally figured it out. Convinced that the ultimate joy and peace is in these times with Him, I pushed, determined to find it. Definitely a different kind of joy than I thought it would be. It's much more secure and free than other joys. I can always afford it, always get there and no one can ever take it away.

He has time for you too.

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