Saturday, January 28, 2017

Spiritual Tylenol

Evil and pain are not the same thing. Evil can cause pain, but so can goodness. Pain is often a protection, like our body's nervous system, designed to inflict pain, or the purposeful administration of needles full of meds. So, if physical pain can be a good thing, bringing healing to the body, why can't we see mental or spiritual pain as, possibly, a good thing too? Instead doing all we can do be rid of it, why not consider it as a guide, a striking, beckoning lighthouse, warning of destruction ahead? Hastily removing pain, without considering this possibility, might end in more permanent torment. A good, loving God and good, loving people will sometimes allow, even inflict pain if it is going to bring healing. 

When people ask why a good God would allow suffering, I'm perplexed. Even allowing evil pain can be used to heal. God IS in control. He inflicts good pain and allows evil pain sometimes, because He has a better plan for us than just comfort and happiness. One that requires pain to accomplish. Sound familiar? The cross was a picture, an example, for us to see this. Jesus went first. He suffered more than anyone ever would, to bring healing. He asks us to accept the same, in different ways, for His glory and our benefit. Job asked the "why" questions because of the pain, but in the end, understood and accepted. Sometimes I ask the"why"questions too, but all the while I really know...I just want relief and comfort. 

Masking physical pain... Tylenoling too much...destroys the body's natural ability to bring healing. So masking mental/spiritual pain can destroy the intangible parallel. Searing the conscience is spiritual Tylenoling. I saw a person experience mental healing recently in miraculous way. Their lack of sleep, depression, anger, hopelessness and loneliness immediately subsided when they were allowed to experience the pain of conviction, the  consequences of actions and then the joy of eager forgiveness and comfort. Often times, the root of the pain is self inflicted...But it's too painful to even go there. Cover up is a quicker fix. I hate this part, I kick and scream when led there, but like Buckleys cough syrup...Tastes aweful, but works. 

In this season of "let's talk", why not add, let's be honest, let's be brave and let's let's allow pain to do it's healing work. Talk is not enough. It only helps temporarily. The talk needs to be the kind that brings real change and healing. Forgiveness is the ultimate medicine, but we more often than not, want to give it than receive it. 

"For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison," 2 Corinthians 4:17

Momentary pain can be endured  with the ultimate healing in mind. Never alone. The fellowship of His suffering and His true church gets us through. 

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