Saturday, August 12, 2017

He Is.

"God is not who you think He is,
He is who He says He is."

What a timely thought.
I would be so upset if someone tried to redefine me. If people went around claiming to know me, then described me inaccurately, saying I love to watch sports, have bleach blonde hair and am a high life city girl. That's just not me at all. Misrepresenting people is extremely important these days, it seems....except when it comes to Jesus. We have raised the human least the born ones and the ones not in nursing god level. Worshiping the created rather than the creator. Our end games is to please the person, whatever makes them happy, regardless of what the creator thinks. Happiness is a trick and a trap. Perishable, and unreliable. God is sculpted from your own lump of clay...everyone's image is different. God is not multi-personalitied any more than you or me. We are unique, definite and is He. 

No one has to accept who He is, but we certainly have to be made aware. I'm not the convincer, just the messenger. I don't have a magic wand to wave over people so they can see the real Jesus, but I do have a voice, a Bible and a heart that loves people enough to share Him. Christians are a dime a dozen who will tell you Jesus loves you and that He wants to help you forever, but few will share all of Him...even the parts you might not like. Yes, Jesus has personality traits that might not be like yours.

 Ever notice that diamonds are often displayed on a black backdrop? That's because they sparkle better with the dark contrast. The good news is better and brighter in light of the bad news of our need. Refusing to tell people what God is really like, of their sin and need of a saviour waters down the good just doesn't have the same effect. Who needs saved when there is nothing wrong with them? Do you think your religion is so attractive that people will trade their own autonomy for litergy and a rules list? I wouldn't. My love for who Jesus is was accelerated once I was face to face with my imperfections...that's a nice way to say 'my evil ways' or 'sinfulness'. Those selfless people who told me the hard truth, spread out the black stage for me, then layed the precious diamonds out on it. The sparkle was bright and beautiful. Still is.

I heard a very famous preacher being interviewed the other day. He said all the things that people want to hear, and are truish, but he intentionally hid the sin part of the good news and even twisted God's personality to make Him more sellable. It made me sad and sick. People don't need to hear makes their situation worse and misrepresents God. No sparkling diamonds there, just dull, undervalued gems that won't be bought.

The bad news isn't so bad, when followed up quickly with the good news. Don't hide his traits you think people might not like. He's tougher than I am. He's more honest than I am and He is far more just than I would be. He's righteous and I am wrongeous....but He gave me His righteousness, and I would rather die than try to sculpt His righteousness to my own image. People have accused me of wanting to be 'right' all the time. Sounds bad...but really if that means being righteous, being right with God, in the truth..then I guess so, for God's sake ya, I need to be righteous...according to Him. A great preacher once said that if we hide who God really is in order to please men and avoid conflict, then truth is left lying slain in the streets. If truth dies, then we have nothing to live hope. 

There is nothing harder and more precious at the same time, than a diamond. It's hard to live the truth of God today. His personality isn't politically correct today...but it's correct all right...sparkling. There are people out there who want it, need it and the message will get to them, if we trust and obey. Don't compromise...spread the black backdrop and present the sparkling diamonds. God will do all the selling Himself...He is who He is.

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