Thursday, March 8, 2018

My Kind of Woman

If confidence and influence are the trophies we women are working toward and celebrating today, I want them too...but the map I have found to find them looks quite different than most. Like most treasures, they are kept in places unseen and with unexpected directions. The key to the treasure is opposite what one would expect from facebook memes and talk show advice.

In it's fullest sense, it is selfless, gentle and internally quiet. She doesn't fear anything...nothing stirs her anger. Her faith produces a calm and joy, immune to this world or her own flesh. This peace eliminates the need to promote or push herself. Self confidence is replaced and upgraded to God confidence...the self can never ever be trusted like God can. She sees the better deal, the higher quality well of power and takes it...leaving her vain attempts behind. She laughs at her old ways and floats in the irony of humility. Real courage ventures in directions that the crowd is not taking. Real strength swims against the current. Real adventure tries things most won't, because of fear.

Humility is the unsung hero of all virtue and it isn't always the quiet woman sitting in the corner smiling...that can be faked too. It's humility of the heart, absolutely able to be present in a loud, laughing “life of the party” woman! God puts humble hearts in many and varied packages!

It's a good thing I have the rest of my life to master it, because it is not natural for me. Every day pride rears it's ugly head, in beautifully tempting forms, to distract and sway my efforts. It's a constant battle in which I can't let my guard down for a moment. Fortunately, success is already secured for me in a promise by God. Failure is just another opportunity to flex the humble muscles. It really does all work out for good, for those who love Him.

To name the woman I admire most is dangerous and impossible for me. So many of them, for so many different reasons. If you use humility to display power and strength, you have my deepest admiration and attention. I want to be like you. Any woman I would name would likely not like being named anyway, so I'll give all glory to God today, as any other day...she'd like that :)

Thank God for selfless, humble, strong women.

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