Thursday, March 26, 2009

More...what a dangerous word. We have MORE than most people in the world and we WANT more than most people in the world. How could we (I) be so discontent? Paul was too..."Oh wretched man that I am..." Romans 7. Things and experiences never seem to be least for very long. Our tank of pleasures is never full and the variety of things to fill it are innumerable. Like little monsters running around with "half empty" cups looking for the tap of happiness. The first question in the "Shorter Westminster Catechism" is: What is the chief end of man? Answer: to glorify God and ENJOY Him forever. So...part of God's purpose for me is to ENJOY HIM. That is what I should be seeking after. The enjoyment of everything Godly, anything he created that is good. My relationship with Him should be fun and pleasureable, so aught the things He has made for me. MORE of Him...less of me and the things of this world.

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