Saturday, January 9, 2010

I was thinking out loud to a friend the other day about discontentment. I have pathological, chronic discontentment...sometimes...I also have pathological, chronic mood swings :) My poor, emotionally stable (deprived) husband gets a bit queezy on my hormonal roller coaster...but he holds on tight (to me) and rides the waves valiantly! Anyway...I sometimes get daydreamy about living in another place, doing different things...because I like change and new adventures. I know I am where God wants me to be right now and that's a good thing. His truth sets me free! As I continued my thinking out loud, to my $0 per hour shrink, I imagined where I might want to go to live and what I might do. By the end of my harlequin romance, I realized everything I imagined was just another version of where I am now and what I am already doing. Where would I live? Some small town, out in the country, with playful kids and bread in the oven...and I really don't want to leave the Maritimes. What would I do? I would be managing my home, creating a warm, rich, stable place for my family. Sounds familiar. I know that my physical vision has never been good...I totally rely on my contact lenses to see clearly...I guess my spiritual vision needs a hand too.
It's so true, We often know the answers to our questions already, we just need a few moments and a patient, loving, listening ear to re-realize them. If we will stop looking for more, we will find we already have.

PS: We emotionally charged people are often would be absolutely NO fun without us!!!!!! :)

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