Saturday, January 23, 2010

Truth and and truth. I remember Dr. Mantz (wonderful English Prof) asking about the relationship between these two things in college. I had no idea what he was getting at, nor did I care at that time. I just wanted class to be over so I could play a game of pool, hang out with friends in the "mall" and go to a movie. The age old, deep question was thrown at me again as I was reading a book by Charles Colson ("The Good Life"). I get it now!!!! I think I get it! Without becoming too confusion or boring, I think this is the relationship:

God is truth, without Him everything would just be...relative...even though nothing would even "be" without Him. He makes the rules, He decides what is right or wrong, not us. There IS an answer for every question under the sun, no matter what Deepak Chopra says...we just have to be determined enough to look for it. is also beauty. Just look around, you don't even have to be a believer to have your breath taken away from the sight of a sunset, a symphony, a newborn or a flower in full bloom. Beauty awakens us to life's greatest shakes us to wake us. Beauty can't be ignored...that's why we work so hard to look good...TO GET YOUR FULL ATTENTION ;) Beauty helps us discover truth...and there is no greater discovery to be made. I'm not sure that Dr. Mantz would give me a good grade on this thought, but at least I am willing to think about it that only dishes, laundry and sibling rivalry await. Ah, college...those were the good ole' days...

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