Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Holding my Own"
I have always been "skinny". Bean Pole and Twiggy were the nick names all of my life...until lately. Around the age of 35, I started noticing the inevitable, stealth like pounds creeping into my Levis. Not too worried at first...after all, I'm skinny, I'll just shed those nasty invaders lickidy split! Just walk a bit more, and eat a bit problem. Those mid-life pounds are a different breed that the younger ones, I'm sure...they stick like new Velcro...and multiply without logic and reason.
Here's my conundrum. I don't drink pop, I eat everything whole grain or wheat, half of my dinner AND lunch plate is always veggies, I'm not an evening snacker, I work out regularly and move constantly, I drink green tea, hardly any canned & boxed foods in my house and olive oil reigns in my kitchen. I've exhausted nutritionists' top ten tips to weight loss...I do most of them! The pounds are not packing on anymore, I'm just holding my own. How in heaven's name do those fritter critters come off!!!! Do I have to divorce cheese, butter and coffee cream? What the cows have joined together let no woman separate...I do have my limits. So I guess I will continue my quest for the golden ticket to slimdom and seek out new life and new civilizations in the fresh food section of Sobeys. One day, that missing piece will appear and I, once again, will fit into my 22 year old Beneton skirt. One more Gold for Canada!!!!

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