Monday, March 22, 2010

I never noticed how unobservant I am :) It's a wonder God gave kids to me and that I haven't misplaced one yet. I get a lot of ribbing for this non-maternal attribute and it amazes me how some Moms can see, hear, feel and smell EVERYTHING going on around them! Sundays really amplify this for me. After church we all hang around and chat...for an hour or so...and we don't even have a coffee in hand. Kids are laughing (or crying) everywhere, piano is playing and several conversations are going on at the same time. It is a great mental exercise for me to have a conversation AND attend to my kids. I'm waist deep into someone's story, a child tugs on my shirt, I look into their pleading face and I hear the adult voices of the Charlie Brown cartoons. I nod, they run off then a feeling of alarm goes off in me. Oh no...what did I just tell them they could do?! If it's bad enough and too much information is bombarding my little mind, I just shut down and stare blankly.

Fortunately, I have learned not to nod anymore. I either shake my head "no", hold up a "one second" finger or pull them close until I can hear their plight. How badly they want to be heard is directly proportional to the length of time they are willing to wait for me. I have learned to use the "one second" finger on adults too as they come up for breath and my child gets their moment at the mic. They know my handicap in this area and love me enough to work with me instead of take advantage...ok, sometimes they still take advantage, but they can be sure DAD will notice and come to the rescue.
On a good day, after a good night's sleep and an inspiring time with God, they try to shmooze me and I say valiantly "Don't mess with me today boys (and girl), I'm on my game!". That lasts the morning, I'm half time in the afternoon, then I slowly peter off in the evening until about 8:00pm when I flatline. During the critical periods, the older kids hold my arms up for me until Guy gets home from work and rescues me (or maybe themselves) from certain death.

It's good to know your weaknesses and to at least fake that you are overcoming them. If anyone knows of a pill that will fix this for me, I will be at your service for long as you don't need my FULL attention :)

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