Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Name is Holly...and I am a Plate Spinner

Ever have the eye opening experience of living with yourself? Children are truly a gift from God, and His gifts are sometimes practical jokes. You know when your parents have said to you, "I hope you get a kid JUST LIKE YOU when you grow up!" Well, I did, and God, in His humor and wisdom gave me a kid that is time urgent, spontaneous, rough and allergic to details. My oldest child, a whopping 10lb 4oz baby boy, almost died shortly after his birth 15 years ago. It was the most exciting and frightening time of my life. God's grace and mercy sustained his life, and my sanity at that time and gazillions of times since then, I am sure. Besides all of the wonder and pure joy his personality pours out on us daily, he is often like a walking mirror for me, sending clear images of things I do and have never seen before.

I can always tell when he has been in the Kitchen. Nothing is put back in its place, cupboard doors are left open, and an Archie comic lays on the counter beside the tell tale glob of jam dripping from the counter edge onto the floor. Every room that has recently been blessed with his presence holds an aura of displacement and energy. Kind of like a small town after a tornado has passed through. Small children have been physically hurt and many furniture pieces broken after a short experience with his untamed physical passion. But the compassion and concern that follows the damage are just as obvious and sincere as the roughness. I pray daily that he will master self control.

I'm not sure that I was quite that dangerous as a child, but the speed with which he performs and the bypassing of details is definitely convicting. Many a jest have been sent my way as people find loose ends and temporary fixes around my work. I honestly can't decide if this character trait is a blessing or a curse. I know that certain things must be done "right", but this household would never function properly if I devoted that kind of time to each job. I guess I have decided that getting everything done "sufficiently" rather than "perfectly" is better than having half the jobs not done at all. Am I making any sense?? I am resolved to endure the little digs and jokes in order to keep our boat afloat. I'll reserve my attention to detail and slowing down for administering medication and driving a van full of kids. I just love moving fast and getting a lot done... except at coffee break.

There aren't too many things that drive me more crazy than watching someone do something really slowly. Sometimes it's like watching surgery...I can't even's too painful. I want to grab the tool from the turtle and do it myself. By the way, I married a turtle. It's a good thing though, as the balance is necessary for survival. My son has helped me access my situation, weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision. My decision is...full steam ahead except for medical emergencies and wounded emotions. What can I say? God made us fast for a reason...and the world needs more professional plate spinners. We must grab the hands of the turtles and drag them along with us. Things need to be done, and done yesterday! Put on your seatbelt Myers clan and learn to enjoy the ride, cause Momma can't slow down! She's on a roll and Daddy's smiling in the passenger's seat. He has the map and the car keys, but MY foot is on the gas pedal. That is the way we work and it's been working for almost 19 years. He is the direction (thank goodness for that) and I'm the motivator. Bonnie and Clyde? Sonny and Cher? Louise and George Jefferson? Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog? Whatever...matches made in heaven :)

Knowing yourself really helps you handle your kids with more patience and hug harder too. Maybe when I am in my 80's I'll slow down...hopefully they'll have high tech, hover craft walkers by then so I can get to Bingo quicker, and I'll send for my son to get me where I want to go :)

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