Friday, August 6, 2010

My Bouncing Baby Boy

"Train up a child (in keeping with his individual gift or bent)...."

This is the amplified translation of Proverbs 22:6. This means that I am to take the natural, God given abilities and interests of my little nose miners and help develop them, encourage them and point them in the direction God has already started them on. I must not let MY dreams and desires for my kids interfere with what God has planned for their little lives. So...I watch God unwrap His precious gifts to me a little more everyday and see the wonders that they bring with them to my world. Like my 3rd boy...the physicist...the calculator...the observer...the gymnast and the sci fi lover. Only 9 years old and his "bent" as the scripture calls it, is obvious and flourishing.

Sometimes these bents are so strong that they can cause some concern. Yesterday, this lab coat boy of mine decided to try to do a backflip from the living room floor onto the couch. His calculations were not exactly accurate and he ended up with a severe nose bleed and much pain. Upon a quick trip to a neighboring nurse friend, we decided that his nose is not likely broken, but he will be looking racoonish next week with the bruising and swelling under his eyes. It's kind of funny that we just purchased a second hand, 14 foot trampoline for him for his birthday this month. Now I'm not sure that's a good idea.

The overprotective mother in me says "the boy is going to kill himself on this thing" and the mother who is trying to carefully develop his God given gifts and abilities says "teach the boy how to do these flippy things properly and safely". I guess since we bought the thing before the incident, the question is already answered. Fortunately, we have a professional trampoline- teacher-guy friend who will come and give him the first lesson on what not to do and how to stay alive and in one piece on his new play toy.

Have I mentioned lately how hard it can be being a mom sometimes? I should really be thankful that all I had to deal with was a could be broken, but nothing would be done about it in the hospital anyway. This nose incident gives new meaning to training them up according to their BENT.

Hopefully, his nasal soreness will prevent him from continuing his recent picking infatuation. They are all such adorable little bundles of total depravity...and he is "flipping" sweet :)

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