Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whopper of a Week

May has to be the busiest month of the year here at the Myers Farm...or Myers Academy...or the Myers Institution for the Mentally Unstable. Call it what you may, it was MAYhem this week. Actually, no one was injured except maybe my pride for not keeping up with Martha Stewart in the "beautiful home" category. Doing Sunday dishes on Wednesday can be really hard on the ole' homemaker ego...and that's after the men in the family already did some! My stress fractured foot is aching a bit...supposed to be resting and healing...hahahaha. It will be my excuse to sit and paint a lot in the near future. The twisted truth about the matter is that in the midst of the whole drama, I realized something. I liked it.

It is a reluctant confession, nonetheless it is the truth. After getting 3 history projects packed in the van, lunches for 5 made and hygiene checks all around and then spending the afternoon with 15ish teenagers, trying to teach about our 22 fascinating Prime Ministers, it was 4:00pm...very late for afternoon coffee. As I lifted the cup of grace and pleasure to my lips, the truth hit me...I enjoyed the activity. I didn't enjoy misplacing the tape and scissors every 5 minutes as the projects were madly reassembled, nor trying to stop my bleeding fingers (scissor confrontation) from messing the church floor as I carried project displays and a foam igloo under my arms into the foyer. My empathetic, fellow homeschool mom rescued me with baindaids before I got the request out of my mouth...and any blood on the brand new flooring. However, I did enjoy the activity. There is great pleasure in doing something different and productive. In between the two school fair appointments that day, my four male, teenage companions and I made a visit to a special friend, delivered 15 dozen eggs, picked up a few groceries and grabbed a Whopper at Burger King...rare treat for Mom. Why do I get such a rush out of packing huge amounts of activity into a small frame of time?! 

On the other hand, trying to pack huge amounts of information into my brain in a small frame of time makes me bust my buttons, turn green and want to throw people long distances. I like to think, mind you, just at my own pace and at my own convenience...don't push the thinking buttons. The physical pace was at a high this week...and that's OK with me. I wouldn't want to do it every week though. The day before this one had me working an election poll for 12 hours and the day after, I was privileged to join in the "March For Life" event in our capital city and enjoy a visit with my parents. Needless to say, I crashed somewhat in the middle of it all, just enough to get me through to Friday. I am not 20 years old anymore. 
The concentration of activity for the next two weeks is uncertain, but if I can get through this week, I can get through anything. Hopefully, I will be reporting lots of hanging laundry in the sun, school paperwork neatly prepared and no throbbing in my foot. This activity junkie could use a little slow motion for awhile...a short while :)

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