Thursday, May 14, 2015

Not My Choice Alone

For  brief moment in time, I share my body. Whether I intentionally did so or not, another human body and soul is totally dependent on mine. They cannot communicate their desires and needs to anyone, yet innately have them. We know them. We are an intelligent people. Both human instinct and technology continue to hold this truth in front of our waffling eyes and hearts. It must be some sort of denial that causes one to ignore or explain away such an obvious truth. Even countless testimonies of first hand eyewitnesses to the pain and regret of such atrocities are ignored. The judges...from aware officials to impressionable little girls, must be taking bribes. Offers of vain freedom, ease of life and false righteousness. It's the only explanation I can think of for such a genocide to be happening. 

We have been given a small gift. Our wayward country still makes provision for us to peacefully demonstrate our opposition to any of it's policies. All we have to do is go and stand. It's not very difficult. I've done it on the cold rain and the warm sun. When those in power look out over their kingdom, will your face be there? We are not standing for our own rights, but for those who cannot speak...or think...or breathe on their own.  It is not my body alone, when they are there. Not my choice alone.  Greater love has no woman than to lay down her life...for 9 months...for a friend. 

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