Thursday, May 28, 2015

Word War 3:34am

Taking every thought captive...again.
Writing seems to help do that. It's the funneling and sifting of  thoughts into a coherent, semi-organized expression of a flickering light bulb hovering above the mind. A twist of the bulb that allows the flickering to become steady and bright. So then, the writing becomes the tangible evidence that I actually think something. I have an opinion or a morsel of truth to hold tightly to in this storm of ideas. Solomon warns of too much writing though..."Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body." Blogs and articles might well fit this category.

The internet has really shaken up the thought snowglobe. Flakes of a million issues scrambling around, trying to land peacefully. What should I eat? What should I buy? What should I get mad about? What should I applaud? Whose opinion is true and what picture is real? For doubters and skeptics like me, this is a nightmare. I'm surprised I even continue to be a part of the worldwide web....but daily business is much more difficult to conduct without I am pulled into the world of "experts" and I end up quoting Socrates..."All I know is that I know nothing". The music makes it all worth it though. When I start to get dizzy from the swirling flakes, there is a world of worship on the web to yank my thoughts back to a healthy state of motion. Then I can see through the storm long enough to direct myself to true wisdom. The wisdom to know when to turn it off. 

Stay on...get that recipe...answer that email...scroll quickly past a few unreal images of happiness and worthless comments...resist the temptation to open a new the play button back on the praise or the preaching and walk...away.

I can feel the relief. The three dimensional, textured, surround sound of real life. The forced slowing of my thoughts. Another emotional crash avoided. The weight of my Bible, it's crinkling pages with thin gold trim. Those familiar underlined conversations and names of friends...Paul, David, Mary, Peter...these steer me to the only expert I need. I don't have to doubt and wonder about Him. It's simplicity and clarity are refreshing. If I go back to that web, it'll try to make me doubt. The flakes will fly again. It is a trap of sorts...a web of deceit. Tread lightly, carefully and don't linger long. Don't let the web trap your thoughts, keep them for yourself and entrust them to God alone. 

There is no phone in the convenient side pocket of my purse yet. Instead I have a little red Gideon Bible...about the same in those waiting room moments, I can quickly snap a chat with a Friend. No opinion of my own or comment is required, just a listen, just a learn, just a comfort.

This writing is largely for me, as a way to take my own thoughts captive. Sharing it on the internet, I think, is a small gesture of courage...a rising to take my place in the the web...hoping, maybe that it might help another whose lightbulb might be flickering and is in need of settling the flakes. So when I wake at 3:34am, in a dizzy snowglobe, I write...I take captive those thoughts, and then share my bloody battle with you. Strange but true.

Web + log = blog
Joe Bloggs = British slang for "any hypothetical person" like our Joe Blow


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