Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Bit Boot Crazy

When I was a little girl, I had major feelings. That hormonal brain bath that happens in per-adolescence really affected my thoughts and my affections. The daydreaming started, the deep thoughts were born and Movie stars became real to me. As a little girl with "sensible" sisters, I thought I was maybe a bit crazy...fortunately I had a pseudo-sister (Allie) who was just as crazy as me, so I realized I wasn't all alone in this dreamy world. Her laughter, harmless antics and loyalty made me feel like I could escape the crazys for awhile and just be a kid. A breath of fresh, carefree air.

There were places I would go that made me feel comfortable and sane. Places that were quiet, pretty and alone. The woods behind our house went on forever. Big rocks, brooks, ferns and open field spots to catch the sunbeams were readily available and safe. Something about the scent of those places and the sound of peace cannot be replicated in a Yankee candle or on a nature CD. It was total immersion. Thick and forever. I could have stayed in that place all day long, but my mother's cooking was too good and I got hungry. But it was faithfully there for me, just a few steps away behind my house. On the other side of our home was the river. With open, clean air, the soothing beat of the waves and full access to the warming sun. I had another oasis to rest my mind and be alone with God.

People talk about the advantage of having quiet times and places to go to, but the older you get the more you realize just how vital they are. See, God knew that I would need a lot of that "quiet time" escaping, so He surrounded me with opportunity to get myself together. God has always planted me in the country. I think I would suffocate and die very quickly in the city. I love to visit the city, with it's bright lights, high energy and bustle of activity, but my poor overloaded brain needs to be able to hit the eject button upon my will for quick escape, should I feel the need. After a stimulating trip to town, I pull into my dirt driveway, step out of my car and face the open field framed by sky and forest. I stand in silence taking in the "welcome home" sung by crickets and decorated by starry hosts. A fish thrown back into the life-giving water.

I rarely listen to Shania Twain, we have no horses and I don't own a pair of cowboy boots, but I think country is my middle name. I'm deeply in love with it's character and beautiful face. Something about it's music just makes my heart dance and let out a big sigh. Horses are too much work right now, although that would be my vehicle of choice. And about the boots...I love cowboy look at...but I've never tried a pair on. I notice them on anyone, with admiration. I figure they are not comfy enough to wear for the look, just for the purpose. Maybe someday I'll step into a pair and be transformed. My little girl has a red pair and dons them regularly with skirts, shorts and pj's. She looks fabulous, so I'll live vicariously through her on this one. If there was a Birkenstock version of cowboy boots, I might reconsider. Maybe it's the relaxed atmosphere and the "back to nature" aroma of anything country, but whatever it is, it's intoxicating.

That little girl got bigger and so did her crazy feelings and daydreams. By the grace of God, her country boundaries expanded too, giving her more therapy opportunities and places to press the "reset" button. Who needs a leather couch and a shrink? I've got grassy fields to lay in and a vast sky to carry my prayers.

Fun boots.

Escaping boots.

O my...relaxing boots.

Wedding boots.

Chocolate boots.

Painted boots.


...and for Stacey Lynn...Han Solo boots :)

Ok, so I went a little too far here...but there are so many nice boot pictures online!

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