Monday, April 26, 2010

Coffee is Very Relevant

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jesus? Well, I do. To go along with that thought, I love getting to know Him better every day. Yes, He is real, with personality and power. Sometimes I neglect spending time with Him, but once I sense my gas gauge dwindling, or my attitude twisting, I know where to get adjusted and filled...with Him...and with a coffee. I wonder if He ever had a coffee? When was coffee discovered and who got the Nobel Prize for their contribution to society? I digress...
There seems to be dirty word out the in Churchland...the word is...doctrine. I'm surprised at how many Christians don't like it, don't want to talk about it and don't think it is "relevant" anymore. Now that's a Churchland word that makes feel kind of funny in the gut. Have we forgotten that Jesus and the society of His time aren't that different that we are today? They were just as human as we are, and history repeats itself, it doesn't evolve into another "Garden of Eden". We still need principles to live by and help from one greater than ourselves. For the sake of peace, we ignore doctrine. Well, heaven help us when the party is over...that will be one wicked hangover.
Doctrine is the teachings of Jesus. Ignoring it, is like ignoring Him personally. Saying it doesn't matter is like saying what He thinks doesn't matter. Believing it, but not living it is just plain hypocritical. I am a hypocrite, by the way...but I'm a recovering hypocrite. I've been back on the wagon now for awhile and try not to touch the stuff.
Jesus doesn't play "Hide and Seek" with us, as some churchy people want us to believe. His word is clear, meaningful, specific and RELEVANT...sorry did I yell that? Jesus would NEVER ask His children to be willing to suffer or even die for some gray, obscure, wishy washy, culturally relative, fairy tale. Treasure it...dig into it...embrace it...fight for it...TRUST it. I think we have forgotten that the Bible IS God revealing himself to us. The 10 commandments and every principle that falls under them, ARE the character of Christ. Don't ask Jesus to change his personality to suit your desires...He can't anyway. Love Him more than your own life and the comfort of it.
Ok, I'm done preaching...just had to place an ad for the superstar in my life. I'm a groupie and a campaign manager. It's going to be a great show and He's no Millie Vanilli...what you see is what you'll get. Learn His songs now, so you can sing along when He comes. Buy the T shirt...paint your face...turn the volume way up, whatever you it for Him, but MAKE SURE you aren't misrepresenting Him..."watch your doctrine closely to save you". Wouldn't that be embarrassing if we met Him and found out we were wrong about Him the whole time?? Maybe a little tragic too...

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