Sunday, April 18, 2010

Live Long...and Try Not to Kill Anyone.

I would like to have been a Vulcan this week.
Ever have those days (or weeks) when you are so completely emotional, for absolutely NO fair reason? It looks like everyone else is comfortable, singing melodies in their head and looking no further or deeper than a rain puddle. While I, walk around, looking at the pile of dishes...the pile of school books to be marked, the Everest of laundry...and I seem frozen. Every task is only fit for Tom Cruise or Sydney Bristow with all of their mission impossible gadgets. Why bother? Once I pick up that first towel to fold, I'll just cry, the kids will come running, look nervously at my wrinkled, damp face and ask compassionately..."Should I call Dad?". Soooo, I take an extra spoonful of soy protein, an extra minute in rambling prayer (He knows what I mean anyway) and start using my imagination as to how to endure the next hour in my estrogen bathed world.

Most times, a woman just has to plow through these kind of days coping however she can, but this was Friday. My dear, dear husband ...who notices everything...sensed my internal panic and sent me on a mission. My mission was to go to town and pick up 8 bags of chicken feed. Now that might not sound very relieving to you, but to me, it was my salvation. He and I both know that sometimes, when it is possible and harmless, it is good to just take the escape. I hugged him, loaded the kids in the van and headed for town. We went to the library first (I have this illogical, subconscious need to justify my whims by adding learning :/ ), then the feed, then food, then FRENCHIES!
The other thing that acts as a sort of "pain killer" at times is shopping!!! The kids and I all love it...especially thrift store shopping. It can be addictive, but not too much so, when you live 1/2 hour from town and we aren't in the poor house because of the $10 or so you might spend at each infrequent trip. The treasure hunt is so much fun! It was a wonderful, therapeutic, productive treatment for my temporary insanity. Thank you Dr.Myers.

AND...I found a brand new pair of double lensed, Bole ski goggles for $2!!!!! If the kids don't fight over them, my joy shall be complete. The icing on the cake :)

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