Friday, April 23, 2010

There She Blows

I just love watching the kids playing outside when they don't know I'm watching. One, pretending to score a touchdown in front of millions of admiring fans, another, drumming a song as he saunters to the chicken coup and the youngest two...well we could be here awhile. The other day, my meek,little princess was chasing her brother around the back field with a huge, deadly stick held high above her head. Fortunately, he runs like the wind...and this time to save his life. The chase was quite long and covered much ground as I whispered pointless words of direction and hope from the kitchen window. Visions of blood and tears flashed by my face, but nothing happened. She just stopped and their friendly play resumed. When they came in, I asked what the chase was all about. Apparently, my reading of the classic tale "Moby Dick" made quite an impression. She was Captain Ahab and he was the elusive White Whale. The stick became a harpoon...which in their story, to my great relief, didn't kill Moby Myers. The well used play set was the Peaquad and they sailed the seas all afternoon.
Just another reason why I love my kids, homeschooling, wide open country and imagination.

I don't think I will read Lord of the Flies to them quite yet.

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