Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Of Birks and Backpacks

As I approach 30, I am trying to be a bit more honest with myself :) Those blings of fashion that once lured my soul, somehow have lost their attractiveness, once my comfort is interrupted. Those pretty, colorful purses, those smart heels that just make you feel...well...tall, and those short waisted, tight fitting, sequined jeans...ok...since I'm being honest...I really never liked them...ON ME, of course ;) I'm perplexed by the one inch zipper on many of these jeans...what's the point?? We all like to feel pretty, but pretty is in the eye of the beholder. I behold those afore mentioned items on other women and, ya, sometimes they look pretty, but try them on myself...Is this October 31st, or is it just me?
My feet, my shoulders and my waistline are in love. They are in love with comfort. They have found their soul mates and have been wed. I would like for you to meet these three additions to my family...all of which, I will never betray, trade in or deny. If they wear out, they will be replaced, but only by another of the same. I have flirted with going back to the others for a fling, but my heart (and other body parts) just can't. I will be faithful and true forever to:

The leather backpack purse. It gives me free hands and saves my family from endless shoulder massages.

Levis...preferably, stretchy. A tried and true, country girl staple. These shoes have to go though...they look like killers for all day shopping. She needs....

Birkenstocks!!!!!!!!! The true love of my life. When your feet are happy, your whole body is happy. I have COMPLETELY worn out two pairs of these, each within one year. I'm a high maintenance partner. Time for another pair...or two.

and the honeymoon continues...

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