Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hungry Mama

Dinner time is a most complicated but wonderful time. I'm one of those people who gets a bit nasty when they are hungry...and patience is not the strongest virtue in my character profile. Get the food on the table before it gets cold, make sure the little ones have the table set (and wiped under the dishes), make sure the princess has the pretty fork and amigo#3 has his special plate, ice in this cup, but not in that one, call the big boys from wherever in Kingdom-Come they might be, don't answer the phone and do it all with a smile!! Heaven help me if I forgot to turn the dishwasher on earlier...that just sends me over my time urgent edge. We sit, hold hands for grace, my plastic smile makes everyone giggle as I ask with an airline stewardess' voice "Whose turn is it to pray today??"
It's quite amazing what change can happen with one or two bites of beloved carbohydrates. My smile and voice begin to soften, genuinely. I gradually feel the motherly affection for my babies once again and all is right with the world. The conversations of hockey, rap music, finances, and sibling antics shoot across the table like a ping pong game. I try to throw in some interesting words about curriculum or window boxes...but no one bites. This world of boyhood is still so strange and perplexing to me. I have 3 sisters. Our childhood conversations were very different. This is an unfamiliar and very different world I live in...but I love least the boys like to go shopping with me. When the princess grows out of barbie movies and high heels, I'm sure we will have lots in common to talk about.
My husband gives me a knowing grin from the opposite end of the table and the princess leans over to hug my right arm...which is still gravitating toward my plate of rejuvenation. I am understood and still loved by these wonderful people I so cherish.
Oh, I just had a thought...someday my 3 amigos will likely marry 3 charming, interesting and kindred women for me to have stimulating conversation with! But...what if they are annoying and stupid? I guess I'll just keep appreciating what I have and when I feel like I need someone to really listen...I'll blog!
I also think I will try to have a few crackers just before take the edge off...and to preserve the life of my wonderful family.

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