Saturday, May 8, 2010


More than a doctor, more than a teacher, more than anything else in life, I wanted to be a Mom. That is a fairly natural desire for any young girl. Playing house, choosing names and feeling productive, pretty and nurturing are all part of girlhood. So are building forts in the woods, canoeing on the river and playing with trucks in the mud and grass till the sun goes down...all of which I did as a young girl. Wrestling, hunting and boogers were not huge drawing cards for me however...and still aren't...unless it's Guy I'm wrestling with or I'm hunting at Frenchy's.

The last couple of years in University were somewhat of a marathon for me. I was greatly distracted from my studies by the sights of moms walking their baby strollers down the road and the family dinners we were invited to on Sundays, made me dreamy. All I wanted was to finish this blasted degree and start my family. We announced the pregnancy of our first child the day I walked across the stage to accept my teaching degree. That little piece of paper, though a great accomplishment, was overshadowed by the new bundle of life, tucked away, deep inside. The newness of momhood is infatuating...dreamy. Momhood has a somewhat different aura now...still great...but definitely different.

It never looses it's honor or value, it just becomes more real...specialized. I've chosen my major and I'm in the thick of the research. It is nothing like I imagined as a girl, but better. Momhood is intense, awesome, tiring, inspiring, educational, transforming and satisfying. Momhood 101 is over for me...diapers, nursing, chasing, basic training and sleep deprivation have been passed (not with flying colors...but passed). I am in the midst of Momhood 102. Education, heart analysis, communications, habit forming, spiritual training and apron-string-cutting are in full swing. I am preparing my heart for the field training. They have to try out their skills in the real world, without Mom directly beside, before they fly from the nest permanently. Momhood 103 is yet a mystery to me. Mothering adults will be altogether different, I'm sure.

I cannot imagine trying to do this Mom thing without the example of my own mom. She has made my job SO much easier by providing the template to follow. Nine times out of ten, I know just what to do because I just follow my mentor. Her gentleness, patience, sincerity, logic, and faithfulness are at the forefront of my mind as I tackle each mothering challenge. You can't buy that just anywhere.

There is no graduation from this program, just more specializing. There are no fancy letters to precede your name and no write-ups about you in the journal of your peers. You rarely wear the power suit or attend an awards banquet. Your accolades are sticky hugs and a handful of dandelions. You have awards banquets daily with hot dogs and speeches about bike stunts. You may not make it into a renowned journal, but into the diary of their hearts. What an honor and joy to be a mom. If you have a child, give it everything you have...nothing else will have eternal value. What a great profession...the pay isn't great, but who needs more stuff anyway? I don't remember many great "things" I had as a child...what I remember most are her smile, hugs, guidance and hot cornmeal rolls on the woodstove after school. Priceless.

Happy Mothers' Day!!!!!!

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